Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Killing time

I teach fourth and fifth graders with hearing loss.

If your students are anything like mine, they are probably getting very antsy for summer break. (I know I am!!). Suddenly, they've forgotten every rule and procedure and routine you've taught them and it's all they can do to keep quiet and stop wiggling!

My school year isn't over until June 3rd and my lesson planner is shockingly blank until then. If you're in the same boat and wondering how in the world you're going to survive until the end, let alone do something educational in your classroom, I've compiled a few suggestions for you:

1. Have your students write a letter to the next year's incoming class, describing what this grade will be like and what this teacher will be like.

2. Have your students write a letter to your principal, suggesting ways in which school would be better (I'm thinking these would be hilarious to read!)

3. Make ice cream in your classroom and call it science.

4. Make an early Father's Day craft. Need some ideas? One Pretty Thing has great round-ups here. And here!

5. Have your students come up with a poem/song/rap about this school year.

6. Create a classroom game to review key concepts discussed throughout the year. You know the kids would have a blast with this one!

7. Do "buddy reading" and have your class pair with a younger grade for read-alouds.

8. Have them pick out a non-fiction book from the library and create a lapbook.

9. Host a "beach reading" day. Students can bring towels, beach chairs, and sunglasses and bring a book outside to read. Don't forget the sunscreen!

10. Create a countdown paper chain until the last day of school. Are there 15 more days of school? Have 15 students write a favorite memory from the past school year on a strip of paper. Link them together in a chain, then cut one off each morning and read aloud to the class.

Do you have any other great suggestions! Please share!


  1. Great Ideas!

    My students are out of control! I don't blame them though... We are finally getting some nice weather here, I don't want to be cooped up all day, why would they?

  2. Oh too fun! I'm a Special Ed Teacher too! I'm out in 11 days...can't wait. My students are exited too with the end so near! Come and visit my blog if you get a chance...http://michellebank.com

    I'm teaching countless ways to Save!

  3. You are so brave. I dont have any ideas but I hope you make it to summer!