Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All aboard for first grade!

My classroom theme this year is going to be pirates! But not scary pirates. Cute pirates-- because these are first graders after all.

Although teachers don't report back to school until August 16th where I'm from, I've already been in my classroom to set up my bulletin boards. Here's a peek:
I've also been having a blast looking up pirate stuff on Etsy!

Check out these awesome favor boxes from Vintage Twee. Wouldn't they be great to hold small knick-knacks and rewards for my students?
Or how about these pirate clipart pictures from Woofy World? I can think of all kinds of uses for those... maybe to designate classroom jobs?
I think it would be awesome if I wore this pirate ship shirt from Happy Family on the first day of school. Not really teacher dress code, but pirates are supposed to be rebellious... right?
I love it when my day job inspires me to be creative!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Latest

I'm slowly going to be adding sets of cards for value packs in my store. Here's my first listing for one:

And I had a lovely surprise when I woke up this morning and found out that one of my thank you cards was included in this fabulous treasury!! Feel free to check it out and leave some comment love :). What a great day it's shaping up to be!

What projects are you lovely crafters working on out there?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm back!

 I'm back from my high school reunion. I wasn't the dorky self I thought I might revert to around my high school peeps -- I actually had a really fun time! I think we were all confident enough in who we had become to be catty in any way. All 24 of us (out of a class of 71) had a great time hanging out, eating out, playing in the hotel pool, and playing cards.

I can't wait until the 15 year reunion but five years seems like an eternity from where I'm standing!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My grandmother is Chinese. I'm only one fourth so most people are surprised to hear that I have any Asian blood in me! This is a picture of her, around 1958 or so:
Isn't she beautiful? I love the style of dress she is wearing (she was so fashionable!). I found some lovely modern takes on the cheong-sam (or "qi-pao") on Etsy:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My small sewing project

I'm definitely a beginner when it comes to my sewing machine. (I'm much more comfortable with paper crafting.) So I always get super excited when I try something and it actually works out!

Recently I made a little camera case for our new Canon. I didn't have a pattern to go from, or anything! So I'm pleased as punch that it actually looks decent:
Just don't look too closely at the stitches :).

What crafty endeavors have you been up to?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

High School Reunion

This weekend marks my ten year high school reunion. I think this means I'm officially old, now! We're flying to Virginia for a weekend get-together, complete with a hotel, catered dinner, a slide show, and various other activities. I'm sure it will be a fun walk down memory lane.

Take a look at these fun Etsy finds that are reminiscent of high school days:

Was this expression wildly popular when you went to school? It sure was when I was there!

We weren't allowed to dance at our high school, so I never got to experience the joys of Prom. Did you?

Aren't high school crushes the best? Sadly, none of them ever panned out for me ;)

And do you think it would be too tacky for me to wear this at my reunion this weekend? Even if my husband would say it's true :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Calling all Kaboodlers!

Recently, because of this post, I joined Kaboodle.

You know, because between blogging, Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook, I just didn't have enough time wasters on the internet!!

Actually, so far Kaboodle has been lots of fun. It's a cool place to create wish lists of drool-worthy items, as well as an opportunity to show off your own wares.

Are any of you marvelous people out there on Kaboodle? Let's be friends.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brookstone rocks!

Well, I'm finally back from my trip to southern California, and it's good to be home. There was lots to do on our vacation, like going to the beach, out to eat, and to high-end malls. My sister and I love to shop, but our husbands? Not so much. Unless we're at an "interesting" store like Brookstone.

Brookstone has tons of gifts for him as well as gifts for dad. I know it's the first place I think of when shopping for my own dad and father-in-law!

There's definitely some cool stuff for the ladies too. Check out this mug and coffee cup warmer for mornings when you don't have 15 uninterrupted minutes to relax:

Or what about this fun LCD writing tablet? I would love this on my desk in my classroom or maybe at home to use as a message center (or menu center!)

I'm also loving this massaging wrap! It would be so luxurious to come home to after a long day of work (or a long day crafting!)
If you're drooling over all of these goodies too, you're in luck! The good folks at Brookstone have offered my readers a special discount! Just enter 22SAVE at checkout to receive $10 off any online purchase of $70 or more!

Happy shopping :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hand carved stamps for everyone!

As you know, I enjoy making (and selling) cards. I love using rubber stamps (well, and paper, and fun inks, and embellishments, and ribbon, and, and, and....). For a while now, I've been wondering how difficult it would be to carve my own rubber stamps.

I've been inspired by the lovely Olga from Cupcake Tree. Just look at this cute little owl:

And this darling goldfish in a bowl:

I also found this wonderful video tutorial if you're interested:

Stamp Carving from Geninne D. Zlatkis on Vimeo.

Talk Crafty to Me also has a fabulous post that spells out the tools and materials you'll need to get started. This may just be my next summer project!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nice decor on the cheap

One of the benefits of moving into a new house is ordering new furniture. Getting new furniture typically results in lots of FREE STYROFOAM. Which, if you're crafty in any way, you'll know not to throw out. Why? Take a look at all the cool stuff you can make here. (Browse through the brochures!).

Here are some of my favorites, with links to the tutorials:

Garden Collage Wall Art:

Woodland Birch Barch, and Twig Art:

 Vintage Bistro Wall Art:

These projects are fun and simple! If you don't have any styrofoam laying around your house, go check your nearest craft store :)

Here's what I did for our living room. The three panels are wrapped in fabric:

I think it turned out nice. Plus? If I get sick of the look, I can just switch out the fabric. Genius!