Monday, June 28, 2010


This week, I'm in California! I'm visiting family members and seeing our old stomping grounds (we lived in California for a few years a while back). The sights have been lovely! Here's a sampling:

I hope you're having a sunny time wherever you are!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bordering on obsession

As a card-maker, I'm always on the lookout for appealing color combinations. That's why I have a compulsive need to buy pretty paper. Yes I have blue cardstock, but I don't have that shade of aqua blue cardstock! Several pounds of paper later, and I still can't keep myself from buying more.

That's why I was so thrilled to discover ColourLovers!! Now I can play around with all sorts of color combinations without spending a dime! Check out these fabulous creations from other users:

I imagine graphic designers and digital scrapbookers would go nuts with this site! Maybe this site is already so popular and I'm just out of the loop... that wouldn't be too surprising :)

Do you have a ColourLovers account? Please do share so I can drool over your lovely color creations!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tootin' my own horn

I've recently added new products to my Etsy shop! They are darling little post-it note holders for your office or workspace.

I'm hoping to make more and more "office-y" type stuff in the months ahead. What creative endeavors have you been working on lately?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Biker Chick

I'm in the market for a bike. The last time I owned a bike, I was in the seventh grade and it got stolen within the first thirty minutes of owning it. (Yeah, great neighborhood, I know...). On a related note, that was the only occasion I ever heard my mother swear!

I'm looking on Craigslist for the actual bike, but Etsy's search generated some much nicer eye candy!

Check out this cheerful print from Strawberry Luna:

Or what about these darling table lamps from Czech Pub?

I think this shirt from Boy Girl Party is fantastic:

This uber-cool messenger bag from Bare Tree makes me think of my brother:
And finally, turn heads with this delightfully quirky bike helmet from Captain Blueberry:

What about you? Do you ride?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucky me!

A few weeks ago, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway sponsored by Big Me, Little World. The prize came in the mail awhile ago (meant to blog about this sooner!) and I was just charmed and delighted with the special care and attention to detail put into the package. Plus, there was evidence that Max Basset had been around....

Don't these painted bottles look just lovely? They are currently sprucing up the top of my bookshelf, and soon they will be home to three, single fresh-cut flowers.

Check out these other beautiful and whimsical items from Big Me, Little World--
I love these two little sheep in a jar:

And this penguin cafe:

How cute is this safe egg painted bottle?

Pure happiness!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To the dogs

We have a dog. Meet Barney: (we're not quite sure what kind he is)

For ten days, I'm dog-sitting for Sawyer, a lab-rottweiler puppy. Barney and Sawyer are getting along now but it's been quite chaotic around the house (our three cats are now terrified and may never forgive us!). There's been some roughhousing and some tug-o-war over the dog toys.

I've discovered that doggy time-outs are much more effective than yelling! As soon as they start roughhousing in the house, off to their crate they go until they calm down and sit nicely. Just call me Supernanny-for-dogs!

Anyways, Barney and Sawyer have been my inspiration for these fabulous Etsy finds:

It's been interesting walking two dogs by myself (hubby is out of town for a few days). I'd love this dog leash by Jenniebgoode:

Or how about this custom stamped dog collar from Rollover Leather Works?

This dog ID tag from Make Your Dog Smile is just too cute for words:

Your dog can drink in style with this bone shaped feeder from Woodin' you:

And hopefully, your rambunctious dog will take a power nap (and give you some peace!). I'm lovin' this eco pet bed from Annie's Sweat Shop:

Do you own a pampered pet?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 things you should know about me

  1. I've been a teacher in three different states: California, Michigan, and now Texas.
  2. I have a serious addiction to ice cream! (Is there rehab for that?)
  3. I speak fluent French (lived in France for eight years)
  4. My first kiss was on my wedding day (!!!)
  5. I'd like to write a novel someday....
  6. I spend way too much money on craft supplies
  7. I'm learning how to drive a stick shift and every time my husband takes me out to practice, I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack!
  8. I can't eat plain M&M's because I ate them in the back of a car once when I was five and then promptly threw up...
  9. My life's ambition is to beat my husband at Scrabble. IT WILL HAPPEN!!
  10. I take my coffee black as night, and my tea with lots of sugar :)
What about you? What are some random facts that I should know? :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's almost four o'clock and I may or may not still be in my PJ's ...

Well if you read my interview here, you'll know that I'm a special education teacher!

Here's a shot of me on our recent Field Day (translation: the kids run around in 98 degree weather while the adults "supervise"). It was fun, but it was HOT! Those squirt guns sure helped, though!

And now that my school year is officially over as of last Friday, I'm just as happy as can be!! Now I'll have lots more time to add inventory to my shop, and to do other pressing things like lounge around on the couch and eat ice cream (you know, the important things in life....).

I think this darling mug from Brookish's shop sums up my feelings exactly:

What are you happy about today?

Friday, June 4, 2010

My interview!

I'm a featured seller over at Linda B's Jewelry Designs Blog! I'll be eternally grateful if you go check it out and leave me some comment love :)