Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Navy Day

Today, October 27th, is Navy Day!! This makes me think of my grandpa, who was in the Navy during WWII. I wish I lived closer to him and that he had the presence of mind these days to tell me a little more about what that experience was like.

So to honor him and countless others who have served our country in the past and to those who are serving currently, here's a beautiful little collection of Navy-inspired items from talented Etsy artists:


U.S Navy Vintage Wallet from Missy M88

Print with Custom Place Names from Submarine Parade

Navy Vintage Dictionary Illustration Magnet Set from Michelle and Her Dog



  1. I had no idea there even was a Navy day - very cool :) Kind of you to include my navy plane print in your blog post here! I will definitely link to your blog via twitter today!

  2. i had no idea either there was a navy day! that wallet is pretty awesome.

  3. Just an amazing feature. My grandpa never talked about WWII either - he said that my beautiful mind should not hear of such things.

    I miss him so much. Thanks for the memory today - I love thinking of him.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I had no clue it was Navy day either! My Grandad was in the Navy for 32 years and is still to this day, so damn proud of it. And I'm proud too. My hubby is in the Air Force, so they banter, which is cute. I'm going to call him today, thank you!