Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Mommy Fears

There are two reasons for this post: 1) People have asked me to share my pregnancy journey, and 2) I want to look back on this list one day and say that it was either silly or all worth the trouble.

So here we go.... All the things freaking me out about pregnancy, giving birth, being a new parent. In no particular order:

Swelling to the size of a whale in the Dallas heat
Lack of sleep (I usually get between 8 and 9 hours a night - I have a feeling that's all gonna change)
The baby coming late and having to use my maternity leave during the first weeks of school
Being in labor for a really long time
Being induced
Post partum depression
Breast feeding failures
Never having another day to myself again
Being so far away from family
Going back to work: being a tired mommy and a sucky teacher
Making the wrong decision (about anything related to baby)
Diaper blowouts
Never being my skinny self again
Never reading a novel again
Being selfish

Other than seeing my baby and holding him/her for the first time, I'm not really sure what I should look forward to since this is my first time.

I realize that some things on this list are so shallow, and most of it I'll have no control over. I don't let myself dwell on any of my worries for too long - I realize there's no use! But if you want to reassure me that it's all going to be okay, feel free too, haha!


  1. I would be scared too...I think your fears are totally normal and I'm glad there are so many encouraging moms out there who will tell you how it really is...sorry I can't help! You're gonna be great and know Goad won't give you anything you can't handle (with his help of course)!

  2. I can't even imagine the pressures and scares you'd be having. At least you'll be so incredibly happy when you have that new addition to your family!
    And I know someone with 5 kids and she is reading all the time! Make it through those first few months and you should be fine!

  3. Yay!! We can be big pregnant ladies in super hot summer weather together!!!
    Since this is my second, I totally relate to your list when I had my first.
    You WILL get back to your skinny self. Promise!
    Once the baby is a little older, you'll get your sleep back too.
    Diaper blowouts, I've only experienced a couple so you're in luck.
    I was induced but only because my water broke and I was losing too much fluid for safety. It wasnt that bad. I was in labor for almost 15 hours, but had contractions for only like 2 of those. And an epidural for .5 (long story)
    Pushed for 15 minutes.
    Believe me, you have mommy instincts that you never knew you had before! You'll be great and amazing!!

  4. Everything's just going to be fine.

    It's just never be going to be the same -ever again....

    But then, you'd never want to change back to your older version even if you could.

    Enjoy this time and try not to worry. It's not going to change anything, just spoil it for you.
    Read lots of books, learn the basics and then follow your instinct.

  5. Hehe I think as you get further along in your pregnancy your worries will change, but you'll also worry in different ways. I'm not worried about being skinny (never really was), but I do worry about breastfeeding problems. Try looking into breastfeeding classes. I know that a local hospital here has la leche league advice available for free. I plan on tapping into that when our baby comes. I can say I'm so thankful to not be extremely pregnant in the summer. It's winter and most of the time I'm still too hot. That is a legitimate worry in my opinion. I would probably make everyone around me miserable if I were huge in the summer. So thankful I'm not. :) I'm sure you'll be a great mommy though. And as for reading, there's always nap times ;)

  6. I think every first time mom faces the same fears. It's that fear of the unknown. I was (and am) a heavy sleeper and one of my biggest fears was that I wouldn't hear the baby cry during the night. The mom instinct kicked in and I woke up every time. Every. single. time. Everything will be okay, you'll see!

  7. Sweetie I am sure that all is going to go well and that you will be an amazing mother. Any problems that arise you will solve and all will go smoothly, I am sure!!!

  8. First of all... Congrats!!

    Second, let me reassure you on a couple of things. Try not to stress about breastfeeding because that only makes it harder and just remember that if you do have trouble there are a ton resources to help you and then there is always formula. Also breastfeeding is a great time to read if you have a kindle/iPad or iPhone it's really easy to set on your lap and get a chapter in while nursing!

  9. P.s. Things to look forward to are the first smile, the first giggle, the first everything really. And I have some made some wonderful since becoming a Mom. There is nothing like bonding over poopy diapers and a lack sleep.

    Congrats, congrats!!! Being a Mom is so wonderful!

  10. hahaha this makes me laugh. some of your fears are kind of true at least for a season {like not sleeping} but i just finished the hunger games series the other day so you should be able to read a novel again! you will be a great momma and i doubt you'll swell to the size of a whale!

  11. The thing to remember is, every single baby is different, every single family is different, and we all have turned out wonderfully. My mom had an elective C-section and didn't breastfeed because those choices weren't right for her and my dad. The most important thing to remember is that every parent does the very best they can, and unless you let the kid jump off a cliff, there really aren't wrong decisions. You'll be fine!

    Also, I hear that feeding time is great for reading, especially if you have an e-reader!

  12. first of all congratulations. how did i miss this?

    babies are a blessing you'll be great. naturally. especially if you keep the Lord in the center of all you decision making when it comes to your child. how could you go wrong?
    your fears are valid but, you will get back to you. it all comes back. even your skinny self will come back.

    i'm so excited for the two of you! i mean the three of you!


  13. Whatever the negatives, it will all be WORTH IT!!! I know YOU were worth it!! You're going to be such a great mommy, especially with the example you had....ha! Love you bunches, Mom

  14. Yep pretty much feeling all the same things as you right about now! Apparently though, as hard as it is, it's the most amazing thing in the world, and that's the bit I'm hanging on to!

  15. Once you see that little face and touch those itty bitty fingers, all of your fears will vanish. It is a learning cure, but you will adjust just like the rest of us in the trenches. : )

  16. Let's see..some of it may happen, and most of it will happen, but it won't all come to fruition at the same time, so you totally won't even be aware of it!

    And, most importantly, that little babe is totally worth all of it!

    (And, the blowouts..I hear those decrease to zero, or almost zero with cloth diapers!)

  17. i have five little ones all under 8 years old, and i can tell you without a doubt that having children has been the absolute best part of my life. yes, it has been really hard, and i have been stretched in every way imaginable. but God is so good, and His mercies are new every morning. And He will reveal His Father's heart toward you so much through being a mommy to a precious little one!! remember, that perfect Love casts out all fear. Hold on to Him, and His perfect Love, and He can wash all your fears and anxieties away! :) praying for you, lora

  18. omg...I had to laugh when I read your list. I think I felt pretty much all those things the first time around too. But after 4 times, it just all kind of falls into place.

    Life will change...a lot!! But for the better in so, so many ways!!