Friday, June 18, 2010

Biker Chick

I'm in the market for a bike. The last time I owned a bike, I was in the seventh grade and it got stolen within the first thirty minutes of owning it. (Yeah, great neighborhood, I know...). On a related note, that was the only occasion I ever heard my mother swear!

I'm looking on Craigslist for the actual bike, but Etsy's search generated some much nicer eye candy!

Check out this cheerful print from Strawberry Luna:

Or what about these darling table lamps from Czech Pub?

I think this shirt from Boy Girl Party is fantastic:

This uber-cool messenger bag from Bare Tree makes me think of my brother:
And finally, turn heads with this delightfully quirky bike helmet from Captain Blueberry:

What about you? Do you ride?


  1. I am currently obsessed with the idea of a bike, but haven't owned one in awhile. I really loved that in Paris, there were bikes everywhere that you could use for free for the first 30 minutes. How great is that! Very very bike friendly city that got me thinking again that I probably should get one.

    Great finds here! Love that shirt... so cute.

  2. Sometimes I get the urge to get a bike but then I start thinking about how often I would use it and wake up. There are some pretty scary roads in where I live and I'd be afraid. Good luck with your search!

  3. I'm intrigued by the bike helmet. My son has considered air brushing bike frames. He could maybe coordinate helmets to go with!

  4. I love the shirt! How fun is that.

  5. You found some great items, love the lamps.

  6. I had knee surgery so I can't ride a bike anymore, but I love all the bike art. The messenger bag is the best! I hope you find a bike you can enjoy everyday.

  7. oh my, that helmet is awesome! :D adorable finds. i haven't had a bike in ages...but i do go spinning, so i guess that's almost like bike riding. ok, not really...
    good luck with your hunt for a bike!

  8. This post is awesome, I love your picks and you put me in amazing company. Wow. Thanks so much for featuring my Going To See My Baby Lavender print here too.

    Kooky side note: I had my beloved 10-speed stolen from me as a knife point :( Go Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love (and bullies.)

    Ahh life! Thanks again, have a super day.