Monday, June 7, 2010

It's almost four o'clock and I may or may not still be in my PJ's ...

Well if you read my interview here, you'll know that I'm a special education teacher!

Here's a shot of me on our recent Field Day (translation: the kids run around in 98 degree weather while the adults "supervise"). It was fun, but it was HOT! Those squirt guns sure helped, though!

And now that my school year is officially over as of last Friday, I'm just as happy as can be!! Now I'll have lots more time to add inventory to my shop, and to do other pressing things like lounge around on the couch and eat ice cream (you know, the important things in life....).

I think this darling mug from Brookish's shop sums up my feelings exactly:

What are you happy about today?


  1. We've been having it pretty hot with us too and 100% humidity so I could really use one of the water guns.

    As for what I'm happy about today . . . . being home with my hubby and two cats after spending three weeks in the UK. :0)

  2. I would be happy too if I had some days of vacations :)
    Now you will have lots of time to work on your cards!

  3. I stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did! I enjoyed reading the interview. Have a great day and enjoy your vacation :)

  4. I am happy that I have such wonderful friends! And that the sun is (finally) shining her in the Inland Northwest.

  5. I love that mug!! I'm happy that I finally created something I thought about for so long!

  6. lol, great picture! I'm sure you're wallowing in the wonderfulness of summer. How am I enjoying my day? I finished up a few items yesterday and feel a little ahead at the moment - so it's all mental. :)