Sunday, June 13, 2010

To the dogs

We have a dog. Meet Barney: (we're not quite sure what kind he is)

For ten days, I'm dog-sitting for Sawyer, a lab-rottweiler puppy. Barney and Sawyer are getting along now but it's been quite chaotic around the house (our three cats are now terrified and may never forgive us!). There's been some roughhousing and some tug-o-war over the dog toys.

I've discovered that doggy time-outs are much more effective than yelling! As soon as they start roughhousing in the house, off to their crate they go until they calm down and sit nicely. Just call me Supernanny-for-dogs!

Anyways, Barney and Sawyer have been my inspiration for these fabulous Etsy finds:

It's been interesting walking two dogs by myself (hubby is out of town for a few days). I'd love this dog leash by Jenniebgoode:

Or how about this custom stamped dog collar from Rollover Leather Works?

This dog ID tag from Make Your Dog Smile is just too cute for words:

Your dog can drink in style with this bone shaped feeder from Woodin' you:

And hopefully, your rambunctious dog will take a power nap (and give you some peace!). I'm lovin' this eco pet bed from Annie's Sweat Shop:

Do you own a pampered pet?


  1. Those are awesome! Thanks for the finds. I am going to buy my little one that bed.

  2. Barney is adorable! Looks like he may have some Jack Russel in him. Thank you so much for featuring my leash in your post.

    P.S we love doggy time out too ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing that stuff! I have some more fun doggie shops hearted now on etsy. I have a spoiled pup. Mostly spoiled with love but I always feel bad after his vet appointments because he gets so scared so I get him a new toy or treat.

    p.s. your Barney is so cute!

  4. These are fantastic finds! Thanks for sharing. And yes - alfa times out are very effective. :)

  5. your dog is adorable. love that action shot! and those etsy finds are great. good luck with the dog sitting & time outs :D

  6. Barney looks kind of like a Basenji - except his tail doesn't curl. Does he bark? Have a cute outie bellybutton?

    I have a cat who's pretty pampered! He would probably be just like yours (and never forgive us!)

  7. He's definately part Jack Russell...I'm not sure of the other half but the hair/ears looks like some sort of terrier.