Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crafting with kids

Do you have kids? I don't (maybe later!), but I do have a classroom full of kids and most of them love to craft! It's fun to craft with kids because they take such a joy in the PROCESS of creating -- not in the end product. I'm not sure when we start to obsess about the perfection of the object we're creating. I wish I could throw my perfectionism to the wind sometimes and just enjoy the journey more!

If you're looking for inspiration, One Pretty Thing is your best friend! Go to Categories, and search under "Crafts for Kids". You might find this page where there's a link for a fabulous tutorial for a Texture Book.

Texture Book tutorial from b kids
Laurie from Tip Junkie can always be counted on to bring you the best of the ideas from around the Internet. She has a great roundup for summer crafts here. This pom pom garland is my favorite!

Pom Pom garland tutorial from Views from my Window
What crafty sites do you enjoy with your kiddos?


  1. Thanks for the link! It certainly can be useful when my little one a bit older. For now, he's gonna play with Mama's craft :-)

  2. Love the pom pom garland, and great ideas.

  3. This is awesome!
    I'm always looking for new ideas as my kiddie is still at home with me and I sometimes struggle to keep her occupy... (we don't ahve a TV so this option is not available).
    We do a lot of things together, collages, drawings and other crafty little projects but the things that I absolutely love at her current age (2 and 3 months) is that she enjoys helping me at the kitchen! :) we make cookies, cakes, bread and everything that need dough and some kind of swirling. She's crazy about it... :)

  4. Thanks for adding my blog and my cousins! I absolutely love yours and am now a follower! Great ideas!


  5. ooo! I really like that book idea! The kids I nanny for would totally love it! Thanks!! :):)