Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Road trip!

So we're on the road for our last vacation of the summer. We're driving from Texas to Alabama, then from Alabama to Michigan so we can visit with the folks before the school year starts! That translates into a lot of time on the road. Many Etsy sellers out there have road-trip-inspired goodies out there:

I'd love to have this travel trailer keychain from B D Leather Designs. (One of my biggest fears is that we're going to get locked out of our own car!)
This print from 3 Lambs Graphics rings absolutely true for me! Does it for you?
I'd love to slow down and record all the fun and quirky things that can happen on a road trip.  Like when we asked for directions once in Alabama and the guy's accent was so thick I literally could not understand him! This road trip journal  from Red Star Ink would be perfect!
And, my personal favorite: this mug from Lenny Mud will echo my sentiments exaclty on the seventeen hour drive my husband insists on making in one full day!


  1. oh. i love the 'are we there yet' mug. :D road trips are so much fun. have a safe & awesome trip!!

  2. aw i love the print from 3 lambs graphics!

    Have fun !

  3. That's a long way, have a fun trip!

  4. Road trips are always so memorable - I hope yours is as well!

    Thank you so much for featuring my print!

  5. I hope you have a nice road trip and the memory of long hours drive is always bittersweet.

    Have I told you that I love your blog name and logo? There's a bit of Hermoine Granger in me feeling represented.

  6. Sounds like you guys have quite the adventure ahead of you. When I was little my Mom would drive me and my two younger brothers all over the country every summer. I appreciate it so much now and admire her for being able to stay sane through it all. I hope you have a great time. Thanks for stopping by my blog!