Monday, August 9, 2010

Mondays with Jack, first edition

Let's face it: Mondays suck.

This is not something that I've thought of lately as I've been enjoying a leisurely summer break. But teachers report back to school this upcoming Monday in my little corner of the world, and Mondays are going to take on a whole new meaning very soon.

So in honor of the dreaded day, I'm going to start a weekly feature called "Mondays with Jack". Because we could all use a smile on a Monday!

Do you know Jack Handey? He's a comedian who writes hilarious one-liners. He used to write for SNL and has published books called "Deep Thoughts". Anyways, every Monday for the rest of time (or until I get bored with it), I'll be sharing a funny quote with you, paired with a related Etsy find.

So let the fun begin!

"It takes a big man to cry, but a bigger man to laugh at that man." -Jack Handey


  1. HAHA! I love SNL... :) Enjoy your last week off!

  2. Cute Name for your shop! I am also a teacher who crafts when I am not teaching! Great blog and shop :)

  3. Never heard of him, but looking forward to see more of those phrases :)

  4. I like that! What a great idea, too. Count your blessings - our local schools went back on the 2nd and the teachers went back the week before that! So JULY!! Hope you're holding up well.

  5. hahaha. wonderful jack handey quote! :D
    enjoy your last week :)