Friday, November 19, 2010

Have a Bad Day

Today is Have a Bad Day Day. Yes, there is such a thing! Apparently it started when people got too fed up with shopkeepers saying a superficial "Have a good day!" as customers walk out the door.

Sadly, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Have a Bad Day Day often gets overlooked by all those.... thankful people. [I hope you can hear the sarcasm!]

So I'm here to give it its' proper due! Below, some etsy-inspired Bad Day finds:

I probably should wish you a Bad Day now, but I'm just not that mean!


  1. I really think I need the bad day necklace. I mean, all a person has to do is look at it and maybe they would get the hint to leave me alone!!

  2. Hahaha! Too funny! I had no clue. That Bad Day necklace might be the best thing ever.

  3. ha. love that last item. :D what a fun a weird way.

  4. Lol! Too funny but also very true...especially with the Holidays looming.

    Love the orange monster!

  5. So good to be here!! I've been out of the loop a bit and it's nice to catch up with you. Looks like you are still lovin life and encouraging others to do the same. So...HAVE A GOOD DAY! there, i said it:)

  6. I seriously NEED the button and the necklace. Heading over to check those bad boys out - no pun intended.

  7. I had no idea about Bad Day day!! Those are great finds!!

  8. Haha! Hope you had a lovely bad day!! :)

    Never heard of that before, I do like the 'have a good day' saying, as superficial as it is. I always say that after hearing a couple of these each morning, your day just become good, it's our unconsciousness working!

    Awesome finds here. the Good Day Bad Day Pendant made me laugh, so great! and this Orange Bad Day Monster is super cool (even for good days I reckon!)

    Have a great week dear! xx