Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nice decor on the cheap

One of the benefits of moving into a new house is ordering new furniture. Getting new furniture typically results in lots of FREE STYROFOAM. Which, if you're crafty in any way, you'll know not to throw out. Why? Take a look at all the cool stuff you can make here. (Browse through the brochures!).

Here are some of my favorites, with links to the tutorials:

Garden Collage Wall Art:

Woodland Birch Barch, and Twig Art:

 Vintage Bistro Wall Art:

These projects are fun and simple! If you don't have any styrofoam laying around your house, go check your nearest craft store :)

Here's what I did for our living room. The three panels are wrapped in fabric:

I think it turned out nice. Plus? If I get sick of the look, I can just switch out the fabric. Genius!


  1. super cute...thanks for sharing:)

  2. Very cool! I'm moving and am looking for new art...

  3. Those are some great ideas. I always think of using styrofoam for packing material, not wall art.