Wednesday, July 14, 2010

High School Reunion

This weekend marks my ten year high school reunion. I think this means I'm officially old, now! We're flying to Virginia for a weekend get-together, complete with a hotel, catered dinner, a slide show, and various other activities. I'm sure it will be a fun walk down memory lane.

Take a look at these fun Etsy finds that are reminiscent of high school days:

Was this expression wildly popular when you went to school? It sure was when I was there!

We weren't allowed to dance at our high school, so I never got to experience the joys of Prom. Did you?

Aren't high school crushes the best? Sadly, none of them ever panned out for me ;)

And do you think it would be too tacky for me to wear this at my reunion this weekend? Even if my husband would say it's true :)


  1. Fun finds, hope you have a great time

  2. I love the teacher button!!

  3. How cool. I always enjoy getting back together with my high school friends. They do a party every year, too bad I live so far away and can only attend some of them. But it's nice to see even the pictures on Facebook and hear all the stories. Have fun!

  4. these finds are very cool! hope it's a fun night :)

  5. haha! the whatever earrings, that was totally going on when I was in school!! :) Sadly I didn't go to my prom, but I had a very romantic dinner in my backyard by our mini waterfall with my boyfriend instead. And I was an orchestra geek, they need to make pins for that...