Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'd like to thank the academy (again!)

Not really.

But I would like to thank the ever-so-fabulous Crystal from Domestic But Not Martha for bestowing upon me the Stylish Blogger Award! (If you're not following Crystal's blog, you should be! She's got a passion for all things handmade!)

This is the second time I've received this award, so I'm feeling EXTRA stylish right now. Maybe even stylish enough to get away with pajama jeans. Maybe.

Reprinted here for your enjoyment are seven random things you've been dying to know about me:

1. My parents are missionaries in France. We moved there when I was seven back in 1989 (just to save you the math, that makes me 28). They still live there and I love to visit as often as I can! 

2. I've been married for 8 years to The Best Guy in the World. We have three cats and a dog :).

3. I teach first graders who are deaf/hard-of-hearing. This doesn't involve any sign language: they all wear either hearing aids or cochlear implants and my job is language and reading remediation!

4. I love to shop at thrift stores!

5. I could eat ice cream for every meal of the day.

6. I drink black tea every morning. I used to drink coffee, but I was making it so strong that it was starting to give me headaches. And what's the point of drinking coffee if it doesn't look like mud?

7. I've always wanted to host a murder mystery dinner party. I've been to a couple, and they were so fun!

Instead of passing this award on to 15 more bloggers, I'm going to give you permission to just grab this award for your wonderful self! And then come tell me about it so I can read 7 interesting things about you!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Very interesting! I teach first grade, too! I've never been to a murder mystery dinner party but I've heard they're cool. I'd love to do it too!
    Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing such interesting facts about yourself...I totally agree with the ice cream for all meals plan. Did you know MA residents consume the most ice cream in the country? Kinda weird, but I guess that's why I fit in :)

  3. You are so stylish girlfriend!! I really like the layout of your blog too:)