Saturday, January 22, 2011

Or maybe I should just manage my time better...

Dear Time - Space Continuum,

Please send us an extra day in the week. We can call it "Erranday". If it's not too much trouble, make it come right after Friday, and right before Saturday. That way, we can have a day to do all of that housework, grocery shopping, laundry, and other miscellaneous errands.

That way, our weekend can really feel like a weekend. We could do more lounging around in pajamas, crafting to our hearts' content, TV-watching, shopping, eating out, and hanging around in general.

It doesn't have to be any more than an extra 24 hour period once a week, and I PROMISE, we'll all be so grateful! And happier! And healthier!

I know you can do it. PLEEEEEEASE?


  1. That would be sooo wonderful!!!

  2. time is of the essence. i feel like my saturdays are always consumed by errands when i'd rather be creating. ;0gina

  3. Genius.....pure genius....and maybe...just maybe..... could we have 26 hour days....might help me finally get it all done......sigh....

  4. Great post! If I had that extra day I think my life would be perfect!

  5. woza- i completely agree!!! last week was one of those week's when i could have used a couple of extra days! let me know when you figure this one out!

  6. Ooooo! Great idea! I so need it!!

    Somegirl's friend at

  7. I'm all for an errand day being officially added to the week!