Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vacationing in France: what we ate

On top of my mother's home cooking, we had the opportunity to eat out at several local French restaurants in the Alsace region. I'm not a food blogger, so I apologize for the photos, but at the time my mind was on devouring the deliciousness!

"Tarte Flambee"- this is not pizza... it's better! We ordered this one covered in goat cheese, munster cheese, and ham!

Fresh made crepes smothered in Nutella. Bliss!

 "Rosti" - a hashed potato dish served with all kinds of toppings.

"Tartiflette" - a scalloped potato dish served with various toppings.

REAL "pain au chocolat" that leaves your fingers buttery! Yum! 

"Choucroute a l'Alsacienne" - I never thought I liked sauerkraut until it was served hot with meat!

"Profiteroles" - cream puffs stuffed with vanilla ice cream - to die for!

I'm drooling over my memories! Up next: what we saw.


  1. omg! this brings back memories of my summer stay in France when I was 14! that was when I first became aquainted w/ Nutella. Le sigh. And I'd forgotten about the French obsession w/ Orangina (which I didn't and still don't care for). Everything looks divine!

  2. Ooooh, and forgot to say Pain au Chocolat? One of my favorite things....I really am drooling!

    p.s. officially following you now!

  3. Fabulous! And perfect timing.... on the day I started my diet :) Having lots of fun catching up on your travels!

  4. oh man, this makes me want to travel to Europe so bad!!! love all their tasty foods :)

  5. OMG....yum!
    I'm drooling as I'm reading your post!!

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  7. Oh my...what a dream come true.
    It looks like you are having a delish time, in every way.
    I'm so happy for you!

  8. This post is absolutely delightfully gorgeous. I'm not going to lie- I would have it all in one sitting...