Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's in the bag!

A Hasty Life

I'm so excited to be participating in Ashley's blog crawl! It officially kicked off on Monday and I've been having so much fun peeking into y'all's purses! Yesterday, was the lovely Catherine from The Life Styled And now, it's my turn....

Here she is:

The photo is courtesy of Mimi Boutique -- I just got this purse from them and so far, I love it! It's really big and roomy and the ivory just goes with everything!

And here's what's inside:

1. "Frugal is such an ugly word" coin purse from Anne Taintor. It's my most ironic possession, because really, I'm quite frugal!!

2. Compact mirror and lipstick. Because deep down I'm vain. (Don't judge me!) :)

3. Burts Bees pomegranate chapstick - the best!

4. My phone. It's not fancy and I don't even buy the texting plan because I'm cheap frugal (refer to itme #1).

5. Luxurious hand lotion from Yves Rocher (a swanky bath and body company from France)

6. Tic Tacs and keys. Never leave home without them!

7. My super cute business card holder that I bought at a large craft fair last year.

8. My journal (a Christmas present a few years ago from my little brother!) -- I love recording my life!

9. An altered mini-composition book that I made to jot down appointments and reminders. Want one for yourself? Check out my tutorial here!

So I'm not sure what this all adds up to in terms of what my purse says about me.... I'm a practical person with a little frivolity on the side, perhaps!

Be sure to visit Miss Social for a peek into her bag tomorrow!


  1. Cute purse! I agree that Burt's Bees pomegranate is the best. I love it.

  2. I love your bag! And I love Burt's Bees. Wonderful!

    PS, I think your coin purse is AWESOME!

  3. Number 1, 7, and 8 are SO CUTE!! I love the little quote on the coin purse...too funny!! Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl! I'm having so much fun snooping inside everyone's bags!!

    <3 Ashley

  4. How fun! Your contents look very organized and chic!!
    Love the coin purse! :-)
    And Yves Rocher...tres fantastique!!

  5. your bag is soo pretty and the coin purse is lovely!!! :) and burt's bee does wonders for the lips!!

  6. This is such a neat idea!
    Love this little peak into your life!

  7. such a great idea. i love that coin purse! :D i like all the prints & such in your bag. :)

  8. hooray for anne taintor! she'll be showing up {a few times} in my purse too!!

  9. Your bag is adorable! Love your journal too!

  10. Aw I love how our personalities come out in what we carry around with us. I'm dreading cleaning out my purse for my post lol!

  11. I loooooove that bag you scored from Mimi Boutique!