Friday, May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week and some winners!

This week at school has been sooooo fun! The theme has been "We're WILD about our teachers!": Monday we wore zebra prints, Tuesday was leopard prints, Wednesday was flip flop day ("Bear" your feet!), Thursday was "Monkey See/Monkey Do" day (twin day!), and today is "wild mane" day.

So I won't be making any stops before or after school today because currently my hair is streaked with pink glitter and I have twisted ponytails covering the top of my head!

Even more fun this week have been all the goodies from the parents, the PTO, and even the neighborhood ladies! I've eaten like a queen this week! I totally love that our school is mostly Hispanic because when the parents cook for you? It's better than anything you can find in a restaurant! YUM.

And I've been enjoying all the little cards my students have given me... proclaiming that I am the "best" teacher EVER, haha :)

I have two winners to announce from the sponsor giveaway day in April:

Brooke won the earring from Craftee McGee
Emily R. won the personalized key fob from Hoot Designs

I've contacted the winners via email. If you didn't win, don't despair! I currently have a $15 Starbucks gift card giveaway going on here!

Good luck and have a great weekend!


  1. I think pictures of your hair NEEED to be documented!

  2. How cute!! I remember those days fondly! I loved the week of themes!! :) I reallllly think you need to take a photo of your locks to share with all of us! ;) Have a wonderful day + weekend Sarah!! xoxo

  3. Your school sounds like a lot of fun only now I'm craving Mexican food!

  4. Fun! Happy teacher appreciation week!

  5. LOL...that's a good one! our Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up...glad they don't make us do that...think I might have to use a "sick" day. :-D

    I'm sure your kids loved it!!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Sarah you look beautiful with hot pink hair! t.a.w. was my favorite week when I was working. I really like being spoiled. tee-hee! man I missed it this year. looks like you had a blast. I hope ii got supper spoiled.