Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Thanks

It's a Give Thanks link up party and Thankful Thursday! What a perfect opportunity and a perfect season to remember the many reasons we have to be grateful.

Below is my short list:

Max (aka: most bestest hubby in the whole wide world):


My job (even though it can be a total roller coaster):

Our newly remodeled kitchen:

Family coming into town for the holidays:

What are you thankful for?



  1. Funny... I just blogged about my appreciation of the trade of sewing:

  2. ooooooh!! I love your kitchen!! How bright!

  3. love your "short list!" such great things to be thankful for! :)

  4. that photo of you in your class is so sweet! love it. and you list. i am thankful for family as well! we are traveling to milwaukee for thanksgiving to be with them and i can't wait!

  5. Um Barney is the CUTEST! And I'm jealous of your kitchen, great job on the remodeling!

    Thanks for linking up with us today! xo, Julie Ann

  6. Such a sweet list! Your kitchen looks great!

  7. I love your list!

    I'm thankful for a busy week at work, but a good one and preparing for Thanksgiving next week!

    I just blogged about my kitchen too! ;-)

  8. I love those colors in your kitchen! I'm thankful for the friends I've made since I started blogging! :)

  9. It's late late late here and I can't help but go from blog to blog! I guess I'm extremely thankful for blogs these days! :) Found you on the Thankful Linky Party. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad I found you! New follower :)

  10. We have the same kitchen mat! :) I love it. Although ours is a little more dirtier than yours :p

    Have a great thanksgiving!