Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Beat

It's been one wild week or two around these parts.

I'm beat.

What made this week so special? I got two new students, putting my total to twelve. This may not seem like a lot, but each of my deaf education colleagues have six. There's nothing I can do about it: it's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Also? My first graders went from calm (and at times quirky) to outright defiant and aggressive. Case in point:

I've had 5 straight days of this. I'm ready to hide, too.

Also? One of my kindergartners has decided to express herself by hitting. Last week she scratched me in two places (drawing blood) and yesterday she punched me in the face. She has a lot of issues going on so it's hard to hold it against her. But still.

Thank goodness it's Friday, folks. I need a break!


  1. i am more than sure i caught my sickness from one of the students at my school. >.< the only other person i've been around w/ is my bf and he is in perfect health; which *knock on wood* i don't want him to caught what i had. but i am better today. TFIG!

  2. You poor thing... TGIF for sure!!!

  3. The joys of children! I hope next week is better for you! :)

  4. Oh wow! You definitely deserve some down time!!/MandyCrandell

  5. wow...not a nice week for sure...
    I wish you some nice rest during the week end so you can "recharge" your "batteries" and having a great start on next week!!!!

  6. Sounds like my week!! I feel for you, I totally understand!! I came home with 2 bruises this week from getting kicked and a bite that luckily didn't break the skin. I have 7 at the more coming in about a week.
    So 12...Aaahhh!!

    Take it easy this weekend!!