Friday, November 18, 2011

My School Turkeys

We are in full turkey mode here at school. And I love it! Doing seasonal stuff with my kindergartners and first graders is such a welcome break from our regularly scheduled programming.

We've read My First Thanksgiving and I'm No Turkey.

We've written a list of things that we're thankful for.

We had our Thanksgiving Music Program on Tuesday. (The kids were both hilarious and adorable!)

And today we're making Turkey Tracks! Except we're making them with peanut butter and straight pretzel sticks (because I'm not sure about how my picky eaters will handle chow mein noodles!)

It should be messy but FUN! I am especially excited because once today is over, I have the WHOLE BLESSED WEEK off for Thanksgiving! Do I hear an Amen? :)


  1. Lol!!!! you make me so smile!!!!
    happy "no turkey" week end!!!!

  2. I love that idea!! We have 2 PB allergies this year tho...I'll have to think of an alternative because those are way cute!!

    We did the turkey handprints yesterday..too fun, too cute & too messy!! ;-)

  3. How nice to have the week off! Your turkey tracks are cute! What a clever idea!

  4. So cute! And great idea for the substitution.!/MandyCrandell

  5. how fun!! i'm sure they were so adorable in their thanksgiving program!

  6. the holidays must be SOO fun in school!

  7. When my kids were little, they talked the most about school during the holidays. They had so much fun making things and reading holiday specific books and stories. You reminded me of that today!

  8. Aw! Some times I wish college did creative art projects!