Monday, November 21, 2011

Missionary Kid Monday: Lessons Learned

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I learned a lot of things from growing up in France, silly and serious things alike. Here's a list (not comprehensive and in no particular order):
  • How to give "the bise" (kiss on either cheek as a greeting) to boys without feeling awkward.
  • How to memorize.
  • How to sit at the table for long periods of time during a meal.
  • How to enjoy "Prince of Bel-Air" reruns when they were dubbed over in French (they really lost the whole "black" thing)
  • How to wear the same outfit four different ways.
  • How to talk quietly in public places.
  • How to be patient with foreigners.
  • How to write with a fountain pen.
  • How to appreciate history.
  • How to cuss like a sailor without realize I was doing so (oops).
  • How to take English as a foreign language in 7th grade and not die of boredom while my classmates learned their colors.
  • How to make my English teacher not feel bad about her accent.
  • How to eat bread. (Keep it on the table so as not to insult your hosts' tablecloth. Use your bread to help sop up sauces and dressing. Tear bits off. No butter.)
  • How to do Franc to Dollar conversions in my head.
  • How to cheer at a soccer game.
The biggest and most impactful lesson of all didn't come until the sixth grade, when we were back in California for a year. But I'm still working up the nerve to write that post. Look for it in December!


  1. never knew it was called "the bise" but i would totally love to learn how to do it without feeling awkward. wether it's girls or boys i always almost kiss someone on the lips! haha! love this list.

  2. I love your lessons learned!!
    I give myself headaches trying to do conversions in my head! and I how you learned to style the same outfit multiple ways + talking quietly in public places!

  3. I love the bread one-- I will have to try it!

  4. Oh Talking Quietly would be my downfall. The Bise would not be a problem. I'm a compulsive hugger so a kiss on the cheek would be a natural step forward :)

  5. I can only imagine Prince of Bel-Air reruns in French! LOL Oh how funny!

  6. Fun! When we were in Italy we watched American shows dubbed over and it's the funniest thing...we laughed so hard!

  7. That's quite the list of lessons learned. I cracked up at cussing like a sailor!

  8. Great lessons! And bread without butter? Say it isn't so. ;)!/MandyCrandell