Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For New Year's Eve

As far as I can remember, our New Year's Eve plans have been booooooring (yawn!) And this year is no exception.

I'm just not a night owl and we don't live near the kind of friends who are up for partying all night!

The one exception to this was the New Year's Eve of 1999. My whole family took a trip to Egypt that year to visit my best friend (whose family are also missionaries). We rung in the year 2000 on a boat in the Nile river - it was definitely something to remember!!

Are you planning a shindig to celebrate the new year? If so, I found some charming printables you might want to take a look at:

Happy party planning! I'll be living vicariously through all of you :)


  1. I never have any exciting plans for New Year's either! Last year my aunt was on a cruise in the Sydney harbor. She said it was the most amazing experience of her life! I would love such a crazy memory!

  2. I'm SOO not a New Year's person either! I can never stay up that late ;-)

  3. I can maybe think of two New Year's where I've done something. Just another night for me.

  4. Love the mustaches!!

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! I'm finally back up and running at near full capacity after major computer problems!!

    Us too...boring New Years people!! Lol! We always make appetizers at home and pour a glass of the bubbly and toast at about 9pm!! I can't make it till midnight!! :-p

  5. Adorable stuff, love your blog, found you through Fly With Me! happy new follower!

  6. We're not partyers but we do make snacky food and have champagne on New Year's Eve. We are so paranoid of being on the roads on that night!
    The Nile exotic!! :)

  7. Oh I love these! I'll definitely need all the inspiration I can get to get our party ready!

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