Monday, December 12, 2011

Missionary Kid Monday: You Know You're an MK When....

Because we are caught between our parents' home culture and the cultures of one (or more) other countries,  missionary kids have become their own culture. It's why some people refer to us as "Third Culture Kids".

This is a long list that's kinda famous. Some of it may even apply to you! Below, I've picked some of my favorites:

You know you're an MK when:

  1. Your family sends you peanut butter and Kool-Aid for Christmas.
  2. You think VISA is a document stamped in your passport, and not a plastic card you carry in your wallet.
  3. You go to a church you have never been in before and find your picture on their bulletin board.
  4. Someone asks you where you most enjoy just hanging out and you immediately think of happy hours spent in international airports.
  5. You don't know whether to write the date as month/day/year, day/month/year, or some variation thereof.
  6. You know how to pack.
  7. You can't get past "Oh, say can you see ..." in the national anthem, and you have to watch to see what hand to use.
  8. You mess-up your idioms without even thinking about it.
  9. You feel like you need to move after you've lived in the same place for a two months.
  10. You meet another MK, and discover that you share the same best friend.


  1. Hehe fun list. I wouldn't have thought about the national anthem one.

  2. that's the perfect picture for this post :) and i love the list!

  3. Haha. These are funny. I write the date different ways all the time!

  4. Too true. This year I'm discovering another: You know you're an MK when you don't really know where you'd rather spend Christmas the most- with actual family or in the country where it would FEEL most like Christmas. (For me, family is in NC, Christmas is in the tropics in South America.)
    Also- when you read National Geographic (or watch Bizarre Foods!) and not only do you recognize the places, but the people, too.

  5. Although it's a list and makes us smile, it says a lot!