Friday, December 2, 2011

Overwhelmed Much?

I'm a bit stressed out at the moment. Feeling quite overwhelmed, actually.

There's lots I NEED to do, but can't find the time for. There's lots I WANT to do, but it's taking a backseat to my need-to-dos.

Ever feel like that?

And when I look at all that I meant to accomplish and didn't... it makes me feel like a failure. Like an ineffective teacher. Like a sub-par housewife. Like a bad blogger.

Fortunately, my self-worth isn't wrapped up in how many things I've crossed off my to-do list!

When I get to heaven, no one is going to ask me what my students' test scores were.
No one will ask how many times I vacuumed.
No one will ask if I was faithful in blogging five times a week.

The only thing that matters is if I've loved and served the Lord.

Let this be my number one priority!



  1. I can totally relate...especially when i realized all the pans/dishes staring at me from the sink this morning! so much to do at work lately too! hang in're so right about the things that won't matter when we get to heaven :)

  2. I understand...we all feel like that at times, especially it seems during the busy Holiday season.

    This year, my solution is going a little lighter on my Holiday decorating at point in stressing myself out over how much garland I hung!! And keeping dinners a little easier when I'm feeling overwhelmed. :-)

  3. Oh, that image is perfect! I've been extremely overwhelmed the last few weeks.

  4. love this friend. so good. makes ya think.

  5. AMEN. I needed that perspective today. I've been struggling with doing too much. We read to our daughter about Mary and Martha last night and my husband just gave me this look when we got to the Martha part.

  6. OH wow! I have been feeling that EXACT same way lately! I just followed your blog, and I would love if you "followed" me too because....

    I am a teacher/teaching student!
    I am Sarah B. too!!

    Thanks for summing up how I feel lately!

  7. Keep focused on Him and the rest will fall in place! :)

  8. So proud of you! Keep that chin up and God won't ignore all your hard efforts.

  9. wow...that image really explain "how I'm feeling" lately...
    lots of things to do and no time to do them all plus...lots of them are a failure...also if in the past I did them greatly...
    This really are discouraged me so I totally understand how you feel...
    I think we need a bit of rest... :O)
    Happy week end!!!