Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Giving Traditions

I inadvertently started a gift giving tradition in 2004. It was the year we were all together in California with my grandma:

See how young we all look? (And it was only seven years ago!)

This was the year I made my grandma a scrapbook calendar. To say she loved it is an understatement. Here is ooohing and aaaahing over it:

I was so pleased she was happy with the gift! But now? Now she would like a scrapbooked calendar for every Christmas! And I can't blame her because they are pretty special. But it is a lot of work... a labor of love for me as I look back on our year and collect all the photos I can.

Do you have any gift giving traditions?


  1. what a nice traditions you started!!!!

  2. that's a very special tradition- she's so happy! love it :) we don't have any gift giving traditions yet...maybe soon!

  3. That seems so sweet! Maybe I'll try that for my grandparents this year!

  4. How fun! My defacto tradition is books. I come from a family of readers and everyone knows they're getting at least one book from me! I'm working on making my holiday more handmade, also, but books are here to stay!

  5. So special! I can't believe you do all that work. :)

  6. With your talent I bet they are beautiful!
    I make Christmas PJs for my kids to wear to bed Christmas Eve.
    And I always give the couples in my family the same thing. The married men in my family are extremely (insert not romantic)practical so I get the couples movie tickets & dinner gift certs. Then the wives get a night out & the men get the gift of happy wives ;)