Monday, August 6, 2012

A List of Do's and Don'ts for Back-to-School

Friends, I'm so thankful for a long summer every year when I don't have to work. I'm always sad to see it end, and I know it's coming to a close when I get bombarded with back-to-school ads and commercials.

I officially start again on August 23rd. In honor of my impending first day back, I thought I would repost something I wrote on a different blog of mine from a different lifetime.


What to say to a teacher for back-to-school, a list of do's and don'ts:

Things to say:

1. It'll be okay.
2. You'll be fine once you get in your routine.
3. The kids will be so happy to see you!
4. Are you having fun going back-to-school shopping?
5. It's so great that you got all that time to rest and recuperate!
6. I hope you have a great year and a great class! 
7. Wow, where did the summer go?
8. It'll be okay.

Things NOT to say:

1. Is your classroom all ready to go?
2. It's about time you got off the couch!
3. So... you'll start actually earning that paycheck now?
4. It's about time!
5. Don't be such a baby.
6. Aren't you soooooo excited to go back to school?
7. My kids have been wild! I can't wait to send them back to school!
8. Only 180 more school days to go until next summer!


  1. Haha! Very good list. That first week back is a bit rough.

  2. haha! Great list Sarah!! It will be okay!! :) xo

  3. Ha! A lot of my friends are teachers and they're all feeling the exact same way. At leasst there's back to school clothes shopping to ease the pain. Don't worry. It really will be okay ;)

  4. Oh #8 on the do nots. Killllls me. I used to teach high school. I get it!

  5. Love it! Being a teacher in my former life....I TOTALLY GET IT! It's crunch time! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to digging around yours!

  6. I like the list. Two of my friends are just in the beginning of their teaching careers. I wonder if they're excited to go back haha.