Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Lifesavers

One of my new mama friends asked me what product(s) I couldn't live without. It was a good question and it got me thinking. Below, my top three picks:

With my hands full with baby, I just can't realistically wash my hair every day. This dry shampoo has been a quick fix that WORKS!  I'm sure it will be even more important to me once I go back to work.

This is what William sleeps in. Forget the pretty bassinets, this thing has been a lifesaver!! The incline is so perfect. It's so easy to rock, and the best part is - when he kicks around and gets fussy, he rocks it himself and can put himself back to sleep!!

I've decided against drinking any caffeine while breast feeding. But! I still miss my morning cup of coffee. This instant stuff tastes like the real thing. I can almost convince myself I'm more awake (almost....)

So... what in your life can you not live without? Do share!


  1. Dry shampoo is a must for me too! My hair's getting so long that it's a pain to wash it all the time. I'll have to check out this brand.

  2. Coffee was on my list too. I've never tried dry shampoo before but I'd love to someday.

  3. Those rockers are a lifesaver! My one son (who's now 16) had terrible colic and that was the only place he would sleep, I think the incline made his tummy feel less gassy. I could not have gotten by without it!

    I haven't seen that brand of dry shampoo. I usually do wash my hair every day, but with this heat we've been having, sometimes I need a mid day touch up and I like the Sauve dry shampoo spray - great pick me up if you need to go from work to out in the evening and don't have time for a whole 'nother go around with getting your hair done!

  4. My moby wrap is in my top 3. Totally need that.

  5. oh fun, I haven't seen that dry shampoo before. I use baby powder sometimes, ha!
    Lately, I can't live w/o cold brewed iced coffee, cute flats for work and my camel back water bottle!

  6. OHHHH we CANNOT live without a water bottle nearby! She takes it everywhere! I got Josie a Camelback water bottle! Love it!

  7. My favorite thing for babies is older children! They provide so much entertainment for the little baby. They are a god-send. :o)