Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dear William - Two Months

Dear William,

Today, you are two months old.

If I had to sum up this past month in one word, it would be:


You are either pooping, trying to poop, thinking about trying to poop, or just plain gassy. Poop is the bane of your existence, your nemesis. It makes you so fussy and angry! We all had a rough couple of weeks until your father thought to harness the power of the internet. Now we know better ways to feed you so that you can digest easier. Victory! You're a much happier poop-er now.

This month marks the first time we've been on our own, without the help of our families. It's nice to be just the three of us and figure out a routine. On the other hand, there are a lot fewer helping hands around here. The house is messier. The kitchen isn't always clean when we go to bed. I've taken fewer showers. The living room is more cluttered.

Really, it's all your fault: your needs trump anything and everything else. The floors need to be swept? The dog needs to go out? Gotta pee? Too bad! You come first! But I can't resent you, my beautiful, beautiful trump card.

You're a bit more particular about your sleep these days. You especially love to be bounced and swayed to be put to sleep. BUT! It must be while I'm standing up. If I try to bounce you to sleep while I'm sitting on the couch, you become quite incensed. I can almost hear you say: "YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT, MOM!" One notable exception to this pattern was that one night when your dad put you to sleep by playing classic rock on the guitar and belting out the tunes. That was pretty awesome.

Oh, and this month you've started squealing..... spontaneous, loud, delightful little squeals that are usually paired with a smile! They come at the most random times, and I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but we take it to mean that you love us back.


  1. Darling! He's so cute, Sarah! xo

  2. oh my goodness! he's so that smile! so glad you're adjusting an so is he!

  3. He is so SO cute! Congratulations again, beautiful mama.

  4. happy 2 months-versary William!!!
    I can't believe 2 months are already flied away...ahd you're soooo sweet and cute!!!

  5. Well, what goes in - must come out! AND "Everyone Poops"!

    He's so handsome already. What a precious babe!

  6. Well done for keeping it real, Sarah! He looks gorgeous!