Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A first

I know St. Patrick's Day was last week, but it's still on my mind!! While I was on Spring Break in Michigan last week, I had my first Shamrock Shake. McDonald's sells these yummy mint shakes only in the month of March, and only in certain states (find the shake where you are!)

On the way up to Michigan, I asked my husband what they tasted like anyway.

"Are they pistachio?" I said.

"No, they taste like ground up shamrocks and leprechauns. In fact, you have to pick out all the red beard hairs."

Yes, I married a real funny man.

In any case, when I finally tasted my first Shamrock Shake, I was ADDICTED! Seriously so tasty, people. But they don't sell them here in Texas so I'm going into withdrawal.

Can you get them where you are? And if you can, will you go get one for me?!


  1. wow!!!! now...I absolutely have to try it in Italy...I can't find them... :O(

  2. no, i didn't get a chance to try the shamrock shake! it's all about the banana pudding shake at chick fil a for me these days so bad but yet so good!

  3. I just introduced my husband to Shamrock shakes the other day! In some McD's you an also ask them to mix half Shamrock and half Chocolate shake and it becomes a mint chocolate shake!!

  4. According to your link, they are in Houston, Corpus, Frisco and Ft. Worth!!! I'm off to FtW right now!!!!
    (I'd rather 'hold the red whiskers' though!)

  5. i had one the other day too! I was too tired to head out for a drink on st. patty's day so i had one of these instead:)

  6. ooookkkkkay....... awkward!! lol.
    What DO they taste like? Is it mint?? It looks delicious! I should visit our Micky Dees and see if they have it!! :)
    PS I heart your hubby's snarky remarks!!! :)

  7. Told you they were good!!!
    So glad you got to try one...I crave them sometimes during the year but have to wait till next March! :-(

    You hubby is funny...ground up shamrocks! Lol!

  8. We have them here in Illinois. Love them! Now I want one too.

  9. In Indiana, they are not mint, they are kinda limey tasting...we were bummed out because last year they were minty. YUMMY!

  10. yes, yes i will go have one for you!

  11. My hubby loves those... me not so much. It reminds me of drinking a Mylanta shake--
    When I lived in Texas I am pretty sure my husband got his fix.. but we lived in Ft. Hood Texas so I imagine Mickey D's wouldn't want to disappoint our soldiers : )

  12. I can get them, but I haven't because I'm scared to drink something green. I'll go get one for you though :)

  13. I love them too and yes, we get them here where we live:)

    Hubby treats us all every St.Patrick's Day as part of the days festivities.

    The kids love it!

  14. I've never had one but I want one now! I'll have to see if our McD's has them!

  15. We got nothin' here in TN :(
    p.s. how to you get your blog list to roll??? sorry, i know that's off the subject, but I can't get mine to do that. argh!

  16. Ooooh, honey. I used to do the advertising for McDonald's and whenever the SS came around, I had the radio/TV stations from the markets NOT carrying the shakes calling and begging us to ship them some. No lie. It's insanity... but what can I say? They are SO GOOD!