Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you don't have anything nice to say

"...don't say it at all."

Or at least that's what my mom always told me.

Recently, I received some "neutral" feedback on some mini cards I sold. The buyer wasn't happy with the color of the cardstock. Technically I guess it was no big deal, but it felt devastating to me! I, like most shop owners I know, pour my heart and soul into my creations. So it's very difficult not to take feedback personally.

I was in a cranky mood for most of the evening; my poor husband was trying to be as supportive as he knows how to be. I was tempted to drown my sorrows in a bucket of ice cream... In the end, I tried to focus on all of glowing feedback I've received! I also decided to offer the buyer a full refund in exchange for better feedback (via the "kiss and makeup" feature on Etsy).

Have you ever received less-than-glowing reviews? What did you do about it?


  1. I know it must have been devastating. I haven't *yet* but know in reality it could happen :(
    What I do is include a blurb in my "your painting has shipped" email that customer service is my top priority and that their feedback is super important to me. I ask that the let me know before leaving feedback if anything is wrong so I can have a chance to make it right.
    Hopefully this prevents any bad feedback and gives me a chance to make my customers happy.
    When you do pour yourself into what you create it really hurts to be rejected.

  2. All of your items are so lovely. Maybe the buyer was just being a pain. Sometimes silence makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I'll post a photo somewhere or write a blog post, and I won't get any comments. I'll think to myself, "What did I do wrong?"

  3. poor girl! i am constantly amazed at how rude and picky people can be online. on blogs, comments, etsy, or emails, people will say hurtful things that they would possibly never say aloud. Or maybe they would, which is why i completely agree with your title. if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. why can't people just be positive and kind?!

    i think lindsay's idea above sounds like a good one, but either way, i believe "haters gonna hate." this silly quote has helped me to realize in my own life how you can't control how others treat you- regardless of how unjustified it is. some people are just gonna be like that unfortunately. i'm so sorry for your hurt on this.

  4. That sucks...I would have been in a cranky mood too.
    As a buyer, I would always contact the seller first and see if the problem could be worked out before leaving neutral/negative feedback.

    I know it's not your cards...your stuff is WAY cute!!

  5. gah! i can't imagine! I love your stuff so much and your pics are so good too-

    I have experiences persnicky giveaway winners for FREE items (which I need to send yours-sorry:() but nothing yet from somebody who bought something. :(


  6. I'm sorry to hear about your less-than-excellent feedback. I take criticism pretty harshly so I can imagine how you're feeling. Recently I had a pretty negative comment posted on an essay I posted on my blog which I had poured my heart into. I felt that the commenter really missed the point of my essay but I was so upset that someone was offended by what I had written. The most I could do was try to clarify my message and focus on all the other positive comments I had received. I think the best you can do is shape your own attitude and response because you can't change other people's thoughts and feelings.

  7. I really hate mean people. I love all your products and I think you are super talented!!
    I felt bad about the one time I had to leave neutral feedback. I bought a ring from China and it took around two months to get to me!! I LOVE the ring, it was in really good condition and it fit me perfectly, but the shipping was FOREVER!! {I could have left negative but that seems really harsh!!}. Apparently this seller {now closed} had A LOT of negative feedback-all to do with the long shipping. I think negative feedback is when the seller never convos you back {after many many covos by you have been sent}, you have yet to receive anything in the mail after 3 months and you can not get your money back. That situation warrants negative feedback.
    Not the mini cards were a different color. That is positive feedback with:: I thought they were going to be a little lighter, but they are still very pretty!!
    People amaze me, and not always in a good way! :/
    Don't worry about it Sarah- your stuff is amazing and I hope the Kiss And Make Up works!!!
    I love you!!!

  8. Bummer friend!
    Remember, no matter how hard you try you just can't please everyone!

    Chin up!

  9. I would be devastated and cranky too. It's the one thing I fear every time I make a sale. You were right to focus on the positive and even to offer the refund, although it sucks to lose the money. Sending you hugs!!!

  10. Those are always hard to take :( I think your doing a great thing to offer a refund though :)

  11. awwww i wish they would have contacted you first before going to neutral feedback!! :( that's a bummer!! i have some of your cards and i think they are stinking cute!!

  12. Aw I'm so sorry. :-( I wish they had contacted you first. :-/ I've had trouble getting feedback period on my few sales. It's frustrating. :-/

  13. so sorry! no fun at all. we had a lady who didn't like one of our items once and thankfully she was kind enough to message us first so we were able to take care of the problem and send her out another piece {on the house of course} but i agree with sandy it would have been thoughtful for her to contact you first and give you a chance to remedy it before she left the "neutral" feedback! i think your stuff looks amazingly lovely and thats all that matters right? ; ) ha!