Saturday, September 24, 2011

I wish......

I wish Life was an eternal Saturday morning!

With a yummy hot breakfast:

And a bottomless cup of coffee:

And lazing around in pajamas:

And even watching cartoons:

My version of heaven is an eternal Saturday morning... with all the possibilities of a great weekend ahead! Happy Saturday, friends!


  1. Perfect...especially the cartoons! ;-p

    I sometimes will watch cartoons with my boys and it takes you back to being a kid in your pj's on the weekend, laying on the carpet watching tv. Always puts me in an instant good mood!!

  2. Those pj's look like ultimate comfort. Makes me want to go find some flannel pants to lay around in all day! :)

  3. those pancakes look amazing!! yum! love saturdays :)

  4. It sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!!

  5. oh my goodness, I wish this too. Lazy Saturday mornings are my favorite!

  6. I'm all for cartoons on Saturday mornings. :)!/MandyCrandell