Monday, September 19, 2011

Screaming Meat

I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm not a fan of eating anything that you've just heard scream as you put it into boiling water.

I'm talking about lobster, bien sur.

This summer when we were in Maine, we had the opportunity to go to a fish market right on the water:

It was fun to look around! I loved the variety of seafood they offered, plus they had eye-catching displays like this one:

But when I saw an employee fetching a fresh lobster for a customer....

... my husband turned to me and said: "Can you imagine if we bought all of our meat like that? Chicken? Pork? Beef?"

Gulp! So.... know of any good meatless recipes out there? {wink!}


  1. Oh, snap! That might be a little overwhelming for me too. My Dad and my Hubby hunt so I enjoy the meat but stay in camp until they return. Pretty sure I'd be a little sad if I saw what we were eating right before it died. I cannot tell a lie though, I really enjoy it!

    xo Shannon

  2. Lol...that would be kind of scary if we started bringing live chickens home for dinner. :-P

    I made a version (few changes) of this over the good!

  3. Funny... I was just at that very same Harborfish Market this weekend. I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Maine and the many experiences it has to offer.

  4. Yes, I have tons!!! ;) haha
    I'm vegan and it's the most energy I've ever had! Highly recommend! :) Plus, it's the healthiest you'll ever be!

  5. Oh goodness. When I was a kid (even before I was a vegetarian), I didn't eat much meat besides chicken. When I would push my steak or burger off to the side, my dad would make mooing sounds at me.!/MandyCrandell

  6. oh...I bet it's not fun for them...not fun at all...