Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Job

My cousin Aubrey has the most awesome job. Can guess what it is based on these pictures I took on our latest trip to California?

If you guessed "Lead Performer in Universal Studio's Waterworld Show", you are CORRECT!

Before this, she was a dancer and a choreographer at Disneyland. She basically gets paid to work out.

Sometimes I fantasize about having a different career. I don't know what that career would be (apparently my only talent lies in teaching), but Aubrey's job looks pretty fun. I know it's also exhausting, but WOW!

Here we are with her after the show:

Do you ever dream of having a different job? If so, which one?

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  1. I have actually always wanted a job at Disney. I have no idea why, but getting in for free anytime I wanted just sounds amazing! ;)

  2. That would be the best job ever! If I wasn't injured, I'd still be dancing or doing something like this.

  3. ooh we are taking the boys there soon. maybe we'll catch that show.

  4. I totally wanted to be a performer at Disney and actually considered applying for an overseas Disney position. THen I woke up and went into teaching instead. Still performing death defying tricks- for lot less money. What was I thinking!

  5. I used to dream of the job I now have....wouldn't trade it for the world. cheesy but true (most days). :)

  6. I love the Waterworld show! I haven't been in years, so I'm sure she wasn't the girl I saw then, but that's so cool she's in it! Definitely more fun than my job!