Monday, March 26, 2012

These Awesome People

I hope you've gotten a chance to check out the talented ladies on my sidebar! I'm highlighting their amazing work and blogs today!

Meet Tahnie:

hello! i'm tahnie from a happy girl and i think life should be simple. we overcomplicate things way too much. i'm a momma to an odd defying girl, i'm a daydreamer, i'm a fighter, i'm a walking miracle. i like to have dance parties in my kitchen with my little ball of light! my own mother gave me life twice, she donated her kidney to me when i was 11 years old. i believe life is what you make it! i'm simply someone choosing to be happy in the fact of a rare terminal illness called cystinosis. truly all we have is now. 

Meet Ashlyn:

My name is Ashlyn & I am the writer behind {let it be beautiful} blog. This little blog of mine is my creative outlet where I share my inspirations on style, design, & everything pretty. I recently started my own little design business on the side & am absolutely loving making blogs beautiful! I would love to get to know you so grab a cup of tea & stop by & say hi :]

Meet Caroline:

Hi Friends! My name is Caroline and I am the crazy person behind the shop Cotton Lane and the author of the blog, Sew Caroline. When I'm not blogging about my life a as a newly wed, DIYs, fashion (sort of), and other tid bits, I am either busy creating fresh goodies for my handmade shop or working non stop at a local fabric store. Are you tired yet? :)

Meet Laura:

Hi there! I'm Laura and I'm along for the ride.
Along For the Ride isn't just the name of my handmade shop and my blog, but it's how I see my walk with the Lord. I am along for the ride He has planned for me, and what a glorious ride it is!

During the day (and lots of times at night) I spend my time running a residence hall on a college campus. My husband and I live in the hall and our neighbors are 400 loud, silly, messy, wonderful college students. We have a kitty baby named Jupiter that shares our little apartment.

When I'm not working in the hall, I spend my time with a glue gun in hand, making lovely things for my shop. My motto is "keep is simple" and I try to make simple accessories that aren't too dramatic or fussy, but add just a pretty touch of whimsy to an already beautiful you.

Meet Alissa:

Hi, my name is Alissa, aka "The Snuggie Girl." I blog over at Rags to Stitches and I have a little shop filled with Snuggies that are guaranteed to keep your iPad, E-Readers and Laptops all warm and well... Snuggly. hehe.  I'm married to the love of my life and we've been together for almost 7 years. In that time we've had our fair share of adventures and I'm so excited for the many more to come. My career began as an elementary and middle school teacher and shifted after the birth of our beautiful baby girl Katelyn in 2008. Katelyn is now three and is one of the most precious joys of our lives. Her smile and laughter can brighten anyone's day. In late 2009 we were blessed with another bundle of joy, who we lovingly refer to as Buddy. He is my sensitive, cuddle bug and already looks up to his sister. Being 17 months apart, I'm not going to lie, they keep me on my toes, but I'd rather dance around on my toes all day, then miss a single moment with them. I love meeting new people and I hope you'll pop by my blog and say hello. 

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