Friday, March 2, 2012

The Fruits of my (Long) Creative Process

My creative process (when I'm trying something new) is embarrassingly slow. Here are my steps:

1. See a great project on Pinterest.
2. Think about doing the project.
3. Hoard some Joann's/Michaels coupons to get the supplies I need.
4. Spend two consecutive Saturdays at the craft store to get the supplies. (A big deal since the nearest store is 12 miles away!)
5. Think about doing the project.
6. Wait until I have a Saturday FREE of any extra errands or responsibilities to do the project. (Because I can't be interrupted and projects sap my energy!)
7. Actually do the great project.

But let me tell you... when I actually DO accomplish a project, I am just grinning from ear to ear - I am so proud of myself!

So let me present to you the latest projects I've finished:

A nursing cover (tutorial here)
I have to admit, I'm in love with that fabric!

Burp cloths (tutorial here
I'll be making more of these with some baby boy fabric I ordered :)

What about you? Have you crossed any crafty projects off of your list? Is your creative process like mine?



  1. wow! super cute fabrics! great job!

  2. How cute! My processes are about the same. It's just so hard to get the motivation some times. You should see my boards and boards of projects I'll probably never even consider!

  3. So many pretty patterns! You did an amazing job. Most of my projects get done right away, because I'm too excited. Some take the slower route, though.

  4. yay! you! you're "growing" along with your life ;))

  5. well done! you know, I can relate ;) completing a project is the best feeling! I love the fabrics too!

  6. Those look so great, I"m gonna have to borrow the nursing cover tutorial! I have the exact same creative process. Except I have one extra step. I leave all my craft materials out on the kitchen table during that 2 week period of attempting to do my project and my husband asks politely asks when I'm gonna do it so the clutter will go away. Poor guy!

    Great blog!


  7. Looks great!
    I really love these. Whilst I'm all for women feeding when and where they need to, I'm a little too modest to just whip the girls out at the dinner table so something like this is both pretty and practical.

  8. how fun!!! love reading your creative process! ; )

  9. You have some serious talent girlie!! Way to go! Wish I had some of that crafty motivation of yours!

  10. Such fun fabrics Sarah!! You did a great job. :-D

  11. You've got some seriously great fabric! My process is a little different - see a great project,drop everything else, must do great project. Not really the best way to go about doing things but that's what happens here!