Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bloggers, I Need YOU

Time is slipping away and Baby Boy will soon be here! I can only imagine how overwhelmed, tired, and busy I'll be when he finally makes his grand entrance in early July.

I'd like to keep my blog up and running, and I plan on doing so with your help! Would you like to write a guest post for me? All family friendly topics are welcome... some ideas: summer essentials, best childhood summer memories, summer vacations gone wrong (or right!), summer recipes, cute outfits, summer dream getaways, advice for a new mommy (that will be me!). Really... anything that comes to your mind!

What's in it for you?

*Guest posting is a great way to promote your own blog! 
*You can increase your readership by reaching a new audience!
*It's an opportunity to expand your social network!
*You will have my undying gratitude :)

If you're interested, please email me: sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com. I can give you more info and answer any questions you might have!


  1. ME, ME, ME! PiCk ME! Lol
    I'd love to help!

  2. ooooh me too! let me think of a good topic and I'll email you!

  3. I would love to help. Topic summer craft for the kidos, healthy eating habits, or what ever you would like?

  4. Hey sugar! I'm going to email you right now :)

  5. I am totally up for helping out! Let me know when you need a guest post!