Friday, May 11, 2012

A Tribute for Mom

I can't remember the last time I spent Mother's Day with my own mother. It's hard to get together when my parents live in France and I'm all the way over in Texas! I usually time our visits during summer break (ah the life of a teacher!) or during Christmas.

But this doesn't mean I love her any less!! In fact if she was here, I'd be taking her out to brunch! I'd want to spoil her silly - she deserves it for raising me so well :)

I didn't realize just how awesome my mom was until I became an adult. I remember (on one of those trips home to France) popping in an old home video. It was my ninth birthday party and my mom had gone ALL OUT! I had about ten friends over, and she had organized group games, fantastic food, t-shirt decorating, and candy necklace making. I was exhausted just WATCHING the video!

But it was the day-to-day stuff too. How she got on me to clean up after myself, how she taught me to be responsible and respectful, how she cooked home-made meals and baked in the kitchen with me.

Now that I'm an inner-city teacher, I know that a lot of kids aren't that lucky! So thank you, mom, for being the best!! I only hope I can be as great a mom as you are!!


  1. What a great photo of you two! And a sweet tribute to your mom.

  2. Great pic!! And how true that we don't realize a lot of what our parents did til we are adults ourselves. And Happy Mommy to Be day to you!! ;-)

  3. she's a beautiful lady--inside and out! that's where you get it!!

  4. Thanks, Sweetie! It is a pleasure and a privilege having you as my daughter! You are going to be a FANTASTIC Mom!! Wish sooo much I could be with you Sunday! Love you, DoDo

  5. you and your mom are both beautiful!!