Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shoe Envy

I have a love-hate relationship with shoes. On the one hand, I love pretty shoes. On the other hand, my feet groan in protest if they're not comfortable enough!

That leaves me unable to buy cute cheap shoes. It makes my wallet sad! I'd love a closet full of shoes but if I'm going to be comfortable wearing them, I'll have to shell out a lot of cash for them... and I'm frugal!

Some of my favorite brands that carry cute and comfy shoes are Naturalizer, Reef, Aerosoles, and Clarks. Here are some I'd love to have on my feet:

1. 2. 3. 4.

What about you? Do you have a shoe obsession?

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  1. #2 looks so fun! Being an early education teacher, I gave up on hills, pointy toes and all sorts of gorgeous looking shoes that I can't wear for over 25 minutes. I got the the point in which I have some great sturdy shoes that I did have to dish some cash for, but that last year, and some pretty and not such great quality ones that I got for cheap and won't be that upset if they only last me one school year.

  2. my feet are pretty picky too! and i need to wear flats that are not sandals for work, it feels limiting, but i've found some comfy, budget-friendly and cute pairs over the years :) hope you will too!

  3. Love #1 - those are so cute!! Luckily for me, my feet aren't too picky so I can wear cheapo flip flops and it doesn't bother my feet. I have a ton of flops because they're cheap and in So Cal we end up wearing them almost year round.

    I love the look of heels but I'm a flat girl, I just kind of wobble in heels - not such a pretty sight!!

  4. I do! I'm obsessed. I love love love shoes, but my feet hate them. I've found some very comfy flats that I swear by and TOMS are like walking on clouds.

  5. MAJOR shoe obsession! Some of my shoes are still at my parents' house, because my boyfriend doesn't want me bringing any more into our home. That's one reason why I do so many shoe projects. They feel new!