Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby's Future by MoonbeamWishes

While I'm in "baby mode," some lovely bloggers will be stepping in to guest post for me! (Be sure to leave them some love!) I'll be popping in here and there to share sporadic baby updates with you :). In the meantime, enjoy!!

Hello Yes Teacher readers!! My name is Ms. Megan and I blog over at MOONBEAMWISHES. When Sarah asked for guest posts a few weeks back I jumped at the chance to do a Tickle Me Tuesday post. I love finding things around the internet/Etsy and sharing my likes/loves. So when it was time for me to round up my favorite things I knew I wanted it to be all about Sarah's little boy. I often wonder what lies ahead in my life and the lives of loved ones + friends around me and as Sarah is a dear friend I couldn't help but wonder what her little boy will be when he grows up and where his life will lead him. Enjoy >>>

1. He will become a famous writer. Write stories that will make him so famous people talk about him in the same breath as Stephen King or Charles Dickens. They will be so inspiring and thought provoking that English teachers will assign their students to read his book for class. Of course he will also win awards for his novels/short stories (he will do both of course!) and  go on to influence many through his written word. //Typewriter found HERE at NAMAKI//

2. He will become a famous painter! He will draw landscapes, portraits and places he has dreamed about. He will travel all over the world painting and his work will be so beautiful and moving that it will hang in museums and, for a large sum of money, in some peoples houses. //Paintbrushes found HERE at PRECIOUS WISHES//

3. He will decide to peruse archaeology and will end up traveling to various places, islands, continents to find what he can unearth. He will find a new species of bird, wolf and dinosaur and his discoveries will re-write history books! //Archaeology set found HERE at ARTEMIS JANE//

3. He will be a teacher, just like his mom. He will influence young minds and when they grow up they will have him to thank for their knowledge and wisdom. He will make the difference in peoples lives. //Chalkboard found HERE at JOLLY TIME ONE//

He could also, for course, be a myriad of other things too: A doctor, a little league coach, a baseball player, a basketball player, he could be a tennis player and win Wimbledon, he could be a deep sea diver, a Captain, a fireman,  an accountant or a husband and a dad.

Whatever he chooses to be when he grows up I know he will succeed because he was brought up by two loving parents who will support him no matter what.


  1. Awww....what a lovely post Ms. Megan! Such a sweet lady!!!

  2. Lovely, lovely! Made my eyes go all misty imagining what my little two year-old might grow up to be :)