Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Temporary Nursery

Today, I'm excited to show you our temporary nursery. Why is it temporary? Because we need our actual nursery room to stay a guest room for the first two months or so to accommodate our families. We'll be having a steady stream of family members stay with us from out of state. I'm excited to see everyone (and for all the help!)

Anyways, while I have been busy decorating the walls of the actual nursery (those pictures will come at a later date), we've also been setting up the practical side of things in our master bedroom. It took us my husband the better part of two hours to make everything fit right. Here are some pictures:

Adorable plushies from See Kate Sew

Matching crib sheets and changing pad cover from Land of Nod 
(via a sweet deal at a consignment sale!)

Beautiful blanket my aunt crocheted for Baby

Rocking chair from Costco

True story: when you sit in the rocking chair, you have a perfect view of the bed. Which means when I'm nursing in the middle of the night, I'll be able watch Max resentfully lovingly as he sleeps...

I'm happy with our temporary nursery arrangement and I hope it will end up being as practical and functional as we envision it in our heads! Three more weeks and we'll find out ;)


  1. Looks perfect!!!! Honestly, you don't need much when you bring home your little bambino! Just a whole lotta love (and diapers... and a way to feed them!) :) You're all set mama!
    Congrats and praying all is going GREAT!
    Lots of love and blessings,
    Maggie :)
    p.s. do you still need guest posts for while you are out being a new mommy?

  2. I think it looks really great! Love all of the special little touches. The plushies are too cute!

  3. Looks great! I love the little handmade critters :) and it will be a great setup while you have family staying with you to help out! What a blessing it will be to have them there.

  4. Such an exciting time... cherish these moments.

  5. Looks beautiful! And honestly, baby and mama sleep better when they are close together! And it's much safer for your baby, too. The seafoam blanket is gorgeous.

  6. I love your little ones little nook!! It is so cute + cozy! PS I love your bed spread and that mint crochet blanket!!

  7. It looks so nice and cozy. Mine was a big, unorganized mess for the 4-5 months we shared a room. I much prefer my daughter having her own room. The plushies are adorable.

  8. Looks great! It's so much easier those first couple of months to have baby close by. It'll be great and then when he's a little bigger, it will be so exciting to move him into his big boy nursery!! Can't wait to see pictures.

    That green blanket is gorgeous - I love handmade blankets for baby!

  9. yay for chevron!! our nursery is full of it too! :)

  10. It's just perfect and you'll be glad he's close in the middle of the night. The handmade touches are awesome!

  11. aww looks good. How exciting! :)

  12. Is that rocking chair metal or wood?