Friday, July 6, 2012

Australian Summer by Feltasaurus

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Recently, I’ve been reading endless posts from American bloggers about the exciting things they have planned for summer. Alas, I am from Melbourne, Australia, on quite the other side of the world to Sarah, where winter has set in. If anyone has any misconceptions about it being hot in Australia all year round, think again my friend! This has inspired me to write my first ever guest post about my experiences of summer in Australia, in the hope that reminiscing might warm me up a little!

While I can’t say I’ve ever been to America, let alone during summer, I have gleaned from reading other blogs (and watching waaaay too many episodes of Beach Patrol) that our summers aren’t too different. Time spent outdoors, colourful summer outfits, road trips and, most importantly, the beach!

For me, the beach is synonymous with summer. There aren’t really any major inland cities in Australia, so most people live reasonably close to the beach, which I suppose is where our beachy reputation comes from.
We have some family friends who live in Canada and recall once being told that the closest beach to them is a five-hour drive away, which is a truly bizarre concept to me, and as a total beach addict, somewhat horrifying!

Blairgowrie, Victoria, Austraulia

If you ever happen to be on an Australian beach in summer, I advise you to be careful. It can be dangerous. And no, I’m not talking about sharks, blue ringed octopi, box jellyfish, or the myriad of other dangerous sea creatures contained within our waters. I’m talking about beach cricket. As I understand it, cricket isn’t a popular sport in America, but it is extremely popular here, and even more so when played on the beach. I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally wandered into the middle of a game whilst walking on the beach and had a stray cricket ball come flying at my head. Just one of the regular perils of Australian summer.  

Aussie summer begins in December, just in time for holiday season, which is lovely, because it means that we get to have events such as outdoor ‘Carols by Candlelight’ picnics/concerts at Christmastime. I’ve no idea if these sorts of outdoor carols events happen in the Northern Hemisphere. Do they? Maybe with some blankets and hot drinks to keep everyone warm!

One of the biggest celebrations of summer is January 26 – Australia day, which marks the arrival of the First Fleet in Australia (I guess it’s the equivalent of July 4th in America?). Nowadays, most people choose the mark the occasion in the most stereotypical of ways – by gathering together with family and friends for that great Australian tradition – a BBQ.  (I’m really doing nothing to debunk myths of the stereotypical Australian lifestyle here, am I?).

 And of course, what is summer without summer tunes? Here’s my favourite, the Summer, by Australian singer Josh Pyke - 

I hope that was vaguely interesting and insightful for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. As for me over here in Aus, I’m feeling warmer already!

Robe, South Australia


  1. Hey, hey, hey! I'm from Australia as well, and I... live 4 hours away from a beach... :)


  2. this was a great post! thanks so much for sharing!