Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calendar DIY by Cutesy Bootsie

Hi, I'm Brook from Cutesy Bootsie.  I'm so happy to be guest posting here while Sarah takes care of her new baby (and herself, I hope!).  I blog about things going on around me, what I love to wear (and what I wish I was wearing), places to shop (darn you, Target!) books to read, and crafting!  My craft of choice is knitting but I also like projects that are more instant in their gratification.  I have an obsession with a passion for paper, office supplies, markers, pens, and organization.

Today I want to share with you a super simple calendar project you can use to keep yourself organized.  I've used it to help me keep my blog planning on track and organized but I've also seen it used to plan menus, kid playdates and summer activities, and homework project planning.

Here's what I used:
  • 8x10 picture frame - mine came from...Target! 
  • colored paper or card stock
  • computer
  • printer
  • washi tape - I'm seriously obsessed!
  • dry erase markers

There are some great websites with free calendar printables.  I really liked CreativeMamma.com and the tomkat studio.  Because I used colored card stock instead of white paper, I didn't print in color.  Truth be told, it would have been way cuter to be printed in color on white paper.  Lesson learned.  But I didn't want to waste it so my autumn calendars will be fancier than summer.

Then I used my washi tape to mark off what I knew was already planned and going on before I added anything else to it.  Not only do I love washi tape, I really like that it is so easy to see the days that are busy.  This is better than my old trick of just drawing an arrow across the days.

Then you throw it all in the frame and use the dry erase markers to write on the glass.  Voila!  An easy calendar you can continue to edit all month long!

Thank you to Sarah for allowing me to share my little crafty side!

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  1. Very nice!
    I bought a dry erase calendar (kind of overpriced!) so it would've been so much better to make one.