Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life in Australia by Keep On Keeping On

While I'm spending time with the little guy, my bloggy friends have generously agreed to write guest posts for me! Hope you enjoy!

Hello all! I'm Sarah and I blog over at Keep On Keeping On. I like The Hunger Games, vintage, and all things owl. :) I live in Australia, with my parents, and little sister, and dog.


Australia. The land where dreams are born, where camels run wild, and it's hot during the day and freezing at night. Where as you cross the vast expanse you hit ocean, desert, and snow in the same continent. This is the country I call home, the place of my own. Australia, say hello to the blogging world. Blogging world, say hello the Australia.

Here, surprisingly, sheep and cattle roam (relatively) free. The sun beats fiercely down on you in summer, and it's not much better in winter. You would have seen the pictures of Sydney, idyllic, and well populated. That's not my Australia. My Australia is the desert, the vast landscape of nothing. I've only been to Sydney once.

Nullabor plains

Welcome to Australia! I've traveled the Nullabor (treeless plain) over 5 times. There's a stretch of straight road that runs just a bit over 90 miles long. It gets boring after a while, with only your family. There's the Great Australian Bight, where you can watch whales migrate. The Caiguna blowhole where it, literally, blows cool air into your face. (In the middle of the desert, mind you. Where temperatures soar to 50 degrees Celsius. It's awesome, except for the amount of flies around.)

Great Australian Bight

Flies bombard you from every direction. Summer is quite horrid, coz you're hot and sticky, and those stupid flies just won't leave you alone.

flies in Oz

If you haven't already realized, Oz is the green-and-gold country. Cricket is the main atraction in summer, AFL in winter. Some people also play rugby (Kiwis, and Saffa's), soccer (hardcore men, and soccer mums... oh the horror!), netball (girls who like wearing short skirts and ripping eyes out), and basketball (men with amazing physical strength)

Cheering on our fav sports teams.
Australia is the land of "G'day's!", mates, and bangers and mash (sausages and mash potato). The cultural diversity is wide. In one city there are Asians, Europeans, Africans, Kiwis, Aboriginies, and Australians. But as the famous song goes "We are one, and we are many!" And we are! This is only part of my Australia. Come and visit. I'd be more than happy to share it with you. :)


  1. One of my dreams is to visit Australia and attend a service at Hillsong Church. Thanks for sharing a bit of your neck of the woods with us!

    1. Julie,

      I've never been to Hillsong but I've heard it's good. :)