Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I don't know how people have babies without having family around to help out... We've been extremely blessed to have both sets of parents in town to help us, despite the fact that they live several states away! My folks are staying for a month, and my in-laws came for a week at the beginning, and they'll come again in August for a week.

They've been keeping my house in order, and watching the baby while I sneak in a nap here and there. William pays them in cuddles, coos, and general cuteness!

Everyone has to share the baby!! :)

My in-laws, loving on William

Mom helps me with his first bath (I was surprised by the camera - haha!)

My sister visited us for a few days. Don't you just love the blanket she made?

I'm also extremely blessed to have Max home for the summer - he's a grad student and can do most of his work from home!!


  1. aw, he's so loved (and so are you)! that's such a blessing to have help from both sets of parents! and wonderful to have your hubby home :)

  2. You are blessed! I practically lived with my mom with my first, and don't know how I did it without her. My mother in law stayed for a week with my second. She was so much helped, and it sounds terrible to say, but I couldn't wait until she went home so that we could just be our family of four alone!

  3. That fist picture is so cute! :) It really is a blessing to have family that is willing to pitch in and help out. When both of our boys were born we had lots of friends and family who brought meals, cleaned my house, did laundry, and just kept me company.

  4. awwww!! He is so tiny!! and I love that blanket your sister made!!

  5. So sweet! Love the pics and so lovely to have all the loving help around. New mamas are so deserving of it too!! :-)

  6. we have our parents staying with us and it is SUCH A BLESSING!!!

  7. So much love! Glad you're all getting this time together. :)

  8. So happy you've got the family around you and William. He's so loved!

  9. you surely are surrounded by love!!!!!!!!!!!
    And..this is magic!!!!