Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Two years ago, when we moved from Michigan to Texas, we called it the Great Texas Exodus of '09.

That trip has been on my mind because we're driving back down to Texas after our week visiting family here in Michigan. This time, we're just in our little Saturn with our dog Barney in our lap.

But last time....

Last time we drove down HILLBILLY style, with all of our worldly possessions in the back of my father-in-law's truck.

Here's Max, packing said possessions.

And not only did we look like hillbillies, we drove 21 hours in the summer heat, with NO air conditioning and NO cruise control!! 

Fun times, I tell ya'. Fun times.


  1. Haha. At least you have a fun moving memory! :)

  2. Lol...good memory to look back on. Cute pic of your hillbilly hubby with all your stuff! ;-)

  3. Lol...Fun stuff! Where in Texas do you live? I live in Houston and can't imagine traveling here with no AC mainly because Texas Heat is the worst :)