Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Labor of Love, a Summer Sale, and a Giveaway

My good friend is getting married in September and I have the privilege of creating 75 wedding thank you cards (matching her wedding colors, of course) as well as 50 bridal shower thank you cards for her.

It's definitely the biggest custom project I've taken on, and it has truly been a labor of love! I started by making two sample cards, then creating cardstock templates to trace and cut. Here's a sneak peek of my progress:

If you were wondering how much time it takes to cut 460 pieces of paper into 7 different sizes, the answer is 2 hours and 45 minutes. What a feeling of accomplishment!

And to celebrate summer, I'm throwing a sale!

From now until Wednesday, July 6th, get free shipping to anywhere in the U.S or Canada on any set of cards!

PS: What projects are you working on these days?

PPS: If you need some cute cards in your life, I'm giving away a $15 gift certificate! Enter here!


  1. That's incredible! It would take me much longer. I've been working on SO many new pieces of jewelry.

  2. LOVE the work and effort spelled into hours... people don't realize how long it takes to create something beautiful to share with everyone! Great work and beautiful results.

  3. Wow...sounds like quite the project but I'm sure it will look amazing and she'll love them. :-)

  4. How lucky she is to have you for a friend! I know the cards will be beautiful when they're done!

  5. Sooo Cool I love all your cards!!

    I'm working on summer-ish things just finished my front porch..i go thrifting and looking for that awesome find!
    I hope you have a super summer!!
    XOXOXO Andrea

  6. i can't wait to see what they look like. you are so talented!

  7. Wow, your hands and arms must have been a bit sore after all that cutting! And yes - it would've taken me way longer, and half of them would have been the wrong size...