Monday, June 4, 2012


Last week was a crazy week with school ending. Take a look at what I was doing on the very last day (lots of cleaning!):

But on Saturday? That first glorious day of summer vacation? I had myself a little mini celebration and went out for breakfast:

Then went thrift store shopping:

Isn't that antique-y looking gumball machine awesome? I kind of regret not buying it! It's one of those things I want for no other reason than just to have. I couldn't quite justify the $20, though!

The rest of this week will be spent setting up the nursery. I keep hearing horror stories about women who go into labor WEEKS early and I want to be prepared just in case of that unlikely event ;)

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. ok, i would have HAD to have that gumball machine!!! :) SO FABULOUS!
    HAPPY SUMMER!!! And happy preparing for little baby!
    Hope you are doing WONDERFUL friend!
    *** Maggie

  2. Treating yourself to breakfast out sounds like a great way to start the summer. That gumball machine looks a lot like the one my mom has. Ours is broken, but we always find tiny little hands trying to get the gum out. :)

  3. Happy Summer! Looks like a great way to spend your first official day of summer :) I have a thing for cinnamon rolls ;)

  4. I love your desk looking all nice and clean!! It sounds like your first days of Summer Vacation were lovely!! I adore that candy dispenser!! How cute!!

  5. Was that a Valium dispenser?? I might need one of those!!!

  6. Fun gumball machine!! It would make a great nursery decoration....filled with brightly colored gumballs!! ;-)

    This week, I'll be glad to just get through the last week of school (well almost - we go a couple days next week too) Those last couple weeks are crazy!!

    Enjoy setting up the nursery - how exciting!!

  7. I like the way you celebrate!