Thursday, June 14, 2012

Date "Night"

Do you have a regular date night? My parents did (and still do!) and they're pretty religious about it - Thursday nights were always sacred to them.

Max and I don't have a specific day set aside... we do things sporadically and spontaneously. We are masters of what I call the "errand date": when you go out to run an errand together, but then make a point to stop somewhere and enjoy a shake/frozen yogurt/coffee somewhere and just chat.

But just last Saturday, we decided to do a date "night" (we rarely go out in the evenings - everything is cheaper during the day, haha!). We ate at Chipotle's, and then went to see a matinee: What to Expect When You're Expecting.

We very much enjoyed this movie - I'm not sure if it's because we are right in the middle of this time in our lives, or what?! But we laughed a lot!

I have a feeling that getting away for date nights is going to become even more important once the little one arrives. We may have to be more intentional about it in the near future!

What about you? Do you do date nights?

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  1. I bet that movie really hit home for you two! Date nights are very important. We're the sporadic type too, but we do try at least once a week to spend time together.

  2. We've been trying to get in more "dates" lately. We've always been homebodies, but with the baby coming I think we're both feeling the urge to get out and do stuff while it's easy to do so!

    I saw that movie a couple of weeks ago, and I laughed so hard I got a cramp in my groin and started crying! Pretty hilarious, especially for us pregnant ladies.

  3. fun! glad you enjoyed the movie and had a date! we need to be intentional about having one soon. it's so hard to make it a routine for us.

  4. This movie looks really funny and when it comes out to hbo I want to watch it (I don't believe it is playing in our movie theaters anymore) :(
    I hope that once your little one arrives you + your hubby make time for more date nights.

  5. I want to see that movie - it looks funny!

    I think date night is important. We do on a regular basis. We try to once a week, but sometimes it ends up being every other week depending on work and finances. Our treat is sushi out, that's something that's too much of a pain to make at home.

    We always take time each evening though to sit quietly, after we've hung out with the kids and just chat, about our day and other stuff. That connection is super important in a busy life!!

  6. I've heard that movie is so funny especially if you are pregnant or recently had a baby!!! Glad you got to do a date night before baby arrives!

  7. ! found you through Gussy Sew's link-up... love that you referred to an "errand date," we do that all the time, I just never actually thought about it that way. Love your blog!


  8. We used to have regular date nights when the kids were still at home. Now, I consider every time we leave the house together to be a date, lol.

  9. Funny story: My husband & I were JUST talking about this yesterday! We have a little man on the way due in August & have noticed that our spontaneity might not work as well when he's here, so having a regular date night set up would be good.

    I think we are going to watch that same movie this weekend & have a nice Italian dinner for Father's day, a little late. I hope it's as funny as it looks!